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Our Place Bar in Cebu is an icon and holds the rank of the oldest, longest continually running expat bar in Cebu City. Our place has been open since 1978 when Wes Mills, and his wife Lyn, purchased the building. Although Wes was the original owner of the bar (and still owns the building), it has been leased to a number of tenants over the past 30 plus years.


Upon entering the building, you will ascend a flight of stairs up to a large, airy, naturally lit open bar area. Once inside the bar, you can appreciate aesthetic value only a bar of its age can offer.


Our Place has gone through a number of transitions through the decades, but has continued to maintain its charm.


Through the years, Our Place has been filled with statues, flags, banners, posters, auto tags, photos, and other memorabilia furnished by its visitors. There is even a journal which has been signed by many visiting guests to the seasoned bar.























Our Place has the friendliest, and the most unique bar to sit at that you will find in this country. You see, the patrons can sit on either side of the bar facing each other. This way they can join in what bars are all about, conversation and interaction with other arrivals from points around the globe.


The next time you find yourself in Cebu, head downtown to the northwest corner of Pelaez and Sanciangko Streets, enter the old two story building on the corner, climb the stairs to the second floor, and take a short trip back in time.


While you are there, browse the menu and choose from many great meals and some of the coldest beer in town, offered at Our Place Bar, Cebu City, Cebu.
































You will not find a better bunch of people, especially on a Friday evening, at Our Place Bar. Traditionally, that is the most popular night for the bar.


If you choose to visit during this time, you will have a unique opportunity to learn quite a bit about Cebu, from the older and very knowledgeable patrons who are typically seated at the bar.


There is much history to learn about the Queen City of the south, and Our Place Bar has been a big part of that history, for more than three decades.













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